Week of Determined Extra Movement: Day One

So how much of exercise is psychological? I feel a bit – blah. Flabby. Unenthusiastic. I keep imagining my blood sluggishly chugging along my arteries with all the fizz of week-old Schloer. Last week I did no exercise at all, as the sunburn I got at the beginning of the week made my legs swell up like unpricked sausages, and I didn’t think pounding away on a treadmill would do them much good. According to the bathroom scales, the week of ease and leisure added a whole pound and a half to my stature – negligible. But my goodness, I feel like a puddle of flesh – like if I sit on my office chair for too long I’ll start glooping down the sides.

So as an experiment, this week is the Week of Determined Extra Movement. Usually I go to the gym three times a week if I can manage it; this week I will be sweating at least once a day. I want to see if doing lots of exercise makes an appreciable difference to my physical and mental well-being, since it strikes me that a lot of the benefit I get from doing exercise is the glow of virtuous smugness I get afterwards. Will doing more of the same make me feel better, or worse? We will see.

Yesterday I reported to the gym at the usual time and clambered back on the treadmill with some trepidation. Was careful to wriggle my ankles a bit before starting as they’re usually the first to go, and even next to Snail’s Pace Lady, that’s embarrassing. The first mile was relatively unpleasant, the second a horror. Didn’t help that nothing much of interest happened in Chapter 14 of Harry Potter, and that directly in front of me two crazy-haired, fleece-wearing nutcases were babbling about Edwardian tea sets on Antiques Roadshow. I staggered off feeling slightly sick (the tea sets really were vile), and had to sit down on the step machine (with some difficulty – they’re not made for sitting) for a couple of minutes before I could drag myself upright again.

Step machine is fine – perhaps I’m not doing it right, because it’s sort of a doddle. I quite enjoy the novelty of being so high in the air, too. A nicer way to finish than my previous Jog of Crashing Despair.

That wasn’t all, either: Apple’s keynote conference speech went on so long in the evening that I got through my whole Body Balance routine in the living room while Tim was engrossed in Snow Leopards and 64 bits and iPhones.    

This morning: extreme lethargy. I was so tired when I woke up that I spent a whole, glorious ten minutes convinced it was Thursday. Unsurprisingly I ache all over. Not quite the pep I was hoping for, but perhaps that will come later. Today, my first attendance of Body Pump awaits. Like Body Balance with weights, and since my arms are about as close to wet noodles as you can get without added soy sauce, it should be interesting.

Kind of like this.

Kind of like this.


One thought on “Week of Determined Extra Movement: Day One

  1. Dad x says:

    Keep it up Rach x
    2nd and 3rd days will be the worst but if you ease back a bit on the following two or three, your body will get the idea that it really has to do something about these higher expectations you have for it. But don’t forget, you need the ‘rest and repair’ days too.
    If you are consistent, you really will feel an increase in ‘get up and go’ creeping into all aspects of your life. xxx


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