Week of Determined Extra Movement: Day Four

Nearly there! On day four of my Week of Determined Extra Movement I attended the gym after work for the first time. The atmosphere is strangely different – almost empty, at the time I went, and flooded with late afternoon sunshine in a way that makes you feel contented and lazy and not in the least like running.

Nevertheless, run I did, attention caught between my iPod, the episode of Horrible Histories on CBBC in front of me, and the person behind me on the cross-trainer, who disturbingly seemed to have forgotten to put on her trousers. I ran my usual two miles, then carried on, and got three-quarters of a mile further before I ran out of time and had to stop. I would’ve had time for a whole extra mile, but had to run the last one at a slower speed, because clawing breath out of my battered lungs was becoming an effort by that point. It’s all a bit pathetic, really: how do people get up to thirteen miles for a half marathon? Running is something that doesn’t seem to get any easier no matter how far I push it, although it’s true that I don’t loathe it nearly as much as I did. Unfortunately there’s still quite a lot of loathing left, as I had such a large amount to begin with.

This lunchtime is Body Balance, hurray. I expect my hamstrings to be tightly strung after this week’s effort, so it’ll be good to stretch them out again, even if it is on a mat that smells of other people’s feet.

On the subject of good health, yesterday I attended an Enrichment meeting on that exact theme, and learned lots of interesting things about vegetable gardening, healthy eating and natural facials. Did you know, if you rub a chunk of pineapple on your face it gives your skin a vitamin C boost and makes you all glowy and revived? I was sceptical, so tried it when I got home. It actually works! Well, sort of – you do get a bit sticky and fruit-flavoured, but I looked much less exhausted, and at 10.50pm that’s quite an achievement. I might save the yoghurt and almond one I brought home for an evening in. I think, generally speaking, that smelling of dairy is to be avoided if you’re not actually a cow.


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