Mobile Day 6: Keeping with Tradition

I don’t think I’ll ever understand American football. The commentary from ESPN isn’t helping: ‘When you get the third and ten, second and nine, you have more options to drive it down’, the commentator just said, all knowledgeably. Third and ten? Should it be third and tenth? I dunno. Quite a bewildering end to Boxing Day, although nicely traditional on this side of the pond, of course.

It’s good to be reunited with the more familiar of my family’s Christmas traditions as well as the unfamiliar. On Christmas Eve, we headed off to a Dollar Tree shop with twelve dollars in our pockets, to buy two-dollar joke presents for each other’s stockings (it used to be ten pounds and a 99p shop in the UK). It was quite a small Dollar Tree, so we kept running into each other in the aisles; trying to sneak past without revealing our eccentric present choices added a somewhat thrilling element of espionage to the morning.

This rite of passage over, we picked up Chinese takeaway for dinner. Tim and I were tremendously pleased when the food arrived in the little white Chinese boxes we’ve only ever seen in films. We were almost too full to fit into our new Christmas pyjamas and pose for the pyjama photographs. These seem to have expanded in scope and ambition over the years. Should make for an interesting Facebook album, for I fear my mother is determined to reveal them all to the public at large. Perhaps I should have worn a bag over my head. Luckily Home Alone was on standby to bring the day to a satisfying close. ‘Buzz – your girlfriend. Woof!’

Christmas Day was a highly enjoyable mixture of present opening, large dinners, a walk in the park in late December sunshine and an evening of energetic living room dancing. Then this morning we had some photographs taken for an hour and afterwards headed to the beach. Scarborough used to be the beach of choice in England – we wore approximately twenty-seven layers and ran around freezing our faces for an hour before the lights came on and we went home. This beach had whiter sands and clearer skies and was altogether lovely, even if it did prove beyond all doubt that throwing and catching are irretrievably beyond my capabilities.


2 thoughts on “Mobile Day 6: Keeping with Tradition

  1. Bryony says:

    As a small token to helping you understand American football: Third and ten means it’s the third down (or chance to get the ball a certain number of yards towards a touchdown before the other team gets a turn because you stink) and that they have to make it 10 yards in order to keep possession. So then second and nine is the second chance to move the ball with 9 yards to go to keep possession.

    Sounds like Christmas for you and Tim has been a great one! I love what few pyjama photos I’ve seen, by the way. 🙂


  2. racheljeffcoat says:

    Ah, well that makes more sense 🙂

    Glad you like the pyjama photos – I’m still not convinced!

    When do you head back to London?


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