Snowed In

There’s more snow outside than I’ve ever seen in my life. Alright, scoffy Canadians, I know you’re so used to it you probably got an infant-size sledge from Baby Gap for your first birthday. It’s more than we usually get here, though, and is jolly exciting.

I have learned today that sledges can be made from:

  • Large sheets of lino
  • Cupboard doors
  • Lids belonging to the square plastic boxes people keep under their beds
  • Tin foil roasting tins
  • Half a garden water butt, sawn down the middle (admittedly not too streamlined).

All of which must have been rather painful on that bumpy hill. We had an actual sledge, with brakes and everything, and I’ve still got a lump the size of an extra head growing from my lower back. I’m going to call it Colin.


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