Good karma

Happy Autumn!

When I took these photos, wandering through Milton village one breezy, golden lunchtime, I had in mind a blog entry something along the lines of ‘If autumn were like THIS more often [sunny photos of leaves and berries] it would be my favourite season, but sadly, it’s more usually like THIS [photo of damp, grey office view]’. I only needed to wait for a photo of a rubbish weather day, and goodness knows we’ve had enough of those in past weeks.

Every day since, even the days I’ve driven to work in grim, murky drizzle, it’s been bright and fresh by lunchtime. Milton Park has put on its finest, and getting out for a walk is my favourite part of the day. Clearly, the universe does not like complaining, and rearranges accordingly. My next few blog entries will hence be entitled ‘The Anguish of No New Clothes’, ‘If Only My Hair Were Naturally Straight’, and ‘Someday, Kitchenaid Mixer, Someday’.


One thought on “Good karma

  1. mammy says:

    Oh I miss Nature in Autumn so much!
    But I have to remind myself not to complain, when even now mid- October I’m waking up to blue skies and 80 degrees with a fresh breeze. Still, I wouldn’t mind trading a few days for leaves turning colour and a brisk, sunny, lunchtime walk with my girlies. Thinking of you both sweets, thinking of you xxooxx


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