Logistics (15 +3)

Dear People Who Are Mothers: some advice, please.

I was sitting in Relief Society today and suddenly wondered what you do when you’re sat at church with your baby, your other half in another lesson or otherwise Not There, and you need the loo. Do you hand the baby over to a random pew neighbour? Or take the baby to the loo? But then what? You can’t put a baby on a cubicle floor, can you? I assume it’s a bit unhygienic, babies being delicate things.

This is not just a church question, but a being-anywhere-that’s-not-your-house question. I know I won’t actually need the information for five+ months, but it’s puzzling me.

On a related note, if anyone has any advice on where you change nappies/feed when you’re out and about, please share. I’ve been puzzling over that too.


4 thoughts on “Logistics (15 +3)

  1. Here is what you do:

    a) Hand the baby to a friend. This is the at-church solution. Trust me, there will be plenty of willing hands. If you so desire, you will never have to hold your own baby at church — ever.

    b) Take your stroller with you into the handicapped stall in the loo. This is the mall/most other public places solution. I also know moms who can use the loo while wearing their baby in a Bjorn/other carrier, but I was never much of a baby-wearer.

    c) Hold it. When you are nursing, you actually don’t have to use the bathroom that often, as the fluids in your body are exiting elsewhere.


  2. Oh, and as far as diaper changing/feeding:

    Get one of these (not necessarily this brand — just type “nursing cover” into etsy):


    And feed whenever/wherever you like.

    Most public restrooms have a diaper changing table, either in the handicapped stall or in the main sink area. Failing that, use the floor or ground. You’ll probably keep a changing mat in your diaper bag or a blanket is fine, too. 🙂


  3. Heather Teuscher says:

    Love your blog! I had forgotten to put it in my feed until you mentioned the Uteri last night:)

    I was a baby wearer until she hit 20 lbs and I couldnt cart her large self around, so when I was out I took her with me. And at church I still would take her – think of balancing a 10lb bag of flour, it really isnt too bad! The key is to have the attitude “yes I am taking my baby into the loo….don’t you?” Now that she is bigger and wigglier I try to find someone I know. Also I take the stroller more and just use the handicapped. Your friend has a great point though – with nursing the trips drop dramatically.

    As for nursing – Hadley and I made a horrible public nursing team so I tended to look for nursing rooms at church and some stores have them or I would use the car. I had her on a feeding schedule so I also tried to plan around it. 99% of mothers figure out how to nurse in public so I would ask them:)

    Most stores have changing stations, and I bought disposable changing pads ( I think you can get them here) so that when I was at a friends I didnt just use their carpet. If I was out and couldnt find one (we traveled a ton so it did happen a few times) I would try to find a discreet corner and just lay the pushchair down and change in it. Again, acting like it was totally normal:) What I found is that there isnt a secret mother manual circulating that any of us miss out on, so just do your best and that is more than good enough! If anything I figure I provide someone a great story to tell their friends “…I totally saw this girl changing her baby on the street….”
    Wow this ended up being a really long reply, sorry!


  4. Emma B says:

    I’ve always been a changing/feeding anywhere kind of moma. In the boot of the car (changing), in the back of the car driving down the Vegas strip (feeding). My awesome mother taught me how to change a nappy with the baby on your lap, which is, apparently, the way it was always done in the 70’s. Retro skills.

    I made tiny padded changing mats that I can keep in my changing bag (umm, handbag) so I can change them anywhere and then throw it in the washing machine. I’ve always refused to do the whole feeding in the loo business, just wear stretchy tops with a strappy top under (pull strappy top down and stretchy top up) and make sure you have a pashmina to cover any fleshy bits. Ta da!!


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