Now I Know How John Hurt Felt (20 + 2)

Oh, joy: TJ has been relaxing with, I think, his feet on my spine and his head poking out of my abdomen for the past 12 hours. It looks bizarre. And hurts. And does not make for a good night’s sleep.

I confess, when jumping around, eating porridge and going to the loo didn’t shift him, I played some especially dramatic Beethoven directly into my uterus. Does this make me a bad mother?


One thought on “Now I Know How John Hurt Felt (20 + 2)

  1. Bryony says:

    My vote goes for no. Any classical music played directly to the fetus can only count as points towards being an awesomely aware mother. Even if it is in an attempt to get him to stop impersonating the alien growing out of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s stomach in whatever scifi movie that was.

    I’m still trying to justify that the weeks I spent eating only bagels and frozen pizza don’t make me a bad mother.


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