I Want to Embrace the Person Who Thought of This.

Tell me, is there anything guaranteed to make your day more than exciting post?

And does post get more exciting than THIS?

This is a Graze box, which has just made my entire week, and probably beyond. A pregnant woman’s dream. Just imagine you spend your days veering between far-too-full and unbelievably ravenous, because your wriggly, sharp-elbowed passenger keeps using up your calories without asking (rude). Now imagine that you regularly chow down enough raisins in a single morning to keep an entire herd of cows in good digestive order, because you’ve got enough cellulite as it is without adding shedloads of biscuits. And now (keep up) imagine that someone will send you a box full of INCREDIBLY EXCITING THINGS to eat, through the post, to your office in-tray that usually only holds copyright forms and piles of filing you’re too lazy to put away. They send you a surprise every time, but you can rate their choices (a very hungry-making half hour, even though I’d eaten my truck-load of raisins already) and tell them what you don’t like. I have opted out of banana chips, incidentally – we’re still not friends.

I suspect that, since I’m still going to have to supplement this with additional snacks (did I mention how many raisins I eat?), the £3.49 a week will prove more expensive than buying from Tesco. So sooner or later – um, next week – this beautiful dream is going to have to stop. But while I’m still on my free box, whatevers. FOOD IN THE POST, guys! Whatever next? Free books in the post? Free days off work in the post? Where will this end?!

(I have three vouchers for free boxes, if you fancy some as well. Just send me a message. And then tell me what you chose, because this is pretty much the most exciting thing that’s happened to me since I fit two afternoon naps into one weekend. I know, it’s that huge.)


2 thoughts on “I Want to Embrace the Person Who Thought of This.

  1. I’ve been getting these for about 6 months, they’re AMAZING. Definitely more expensive than the supermarket, but it’s just so exciting getting surprise treats!
    (The flapjacks are crazy delicious)


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