Out With The Old (26 +3)

This is how TJ and I felt after clearing out his/her baby room today.

I say ‘clearing out’, but actually I mean ‘barely scratching the surface of clearing out’. Because we might’ve called that little room a study for three years, but in reality it was more like ‘a room for all of our random junk’. (Unless you’re Tim, in which case you called it ‘Tim’s room’ when you thought I wasn’t listening.)

I discovered today – via Google, so take with a pinch of salt – that heavy lifting during pregnancy is not actually dangerous for the baby, but for my already overstrained back muscles. But it’s not the lifting that presents a problem, it’s the fact that I keep bending over to pick things up off the floor, and forgetting there’s something in the way.

TJ did not like being accidentally compressed all afternoon, and by the evening had resorted to sticking his hard little head out every few minutes to see what was going on.

Argh! Mutant lumpy belly!

I call this the Meerkat Baby position.

(It’s not hugely comfortable, in case you were wondering.)


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