The Shallow End of the Gene Pool (29 + 6)

The parent-to-be often wonders: will my offspring look more like me or my other half? (Inasmuch as babies look like anyone, of course; personally I’ve always thought that babies just look like babies.)

Our little babe has the choice of being a ginger-haired blobby monster…

Whhhhhyyyyyyy. Whhhhyyyyyyyyy?!

…Or the cutest little scrap you’ve ever seen.

Spot the baby of the eighties and his awesome cushion.

You can guess which one I’m rooting for.

But don’t think you have to do any of that old-fashioned guessing at all, parent of tomorrow! Look what has created for you!

Just examine for a moment the creepiness of that poor mutant child and the baby-faced toggle. Now imagine how disturbing it was when the baby-faced toggle was moving from side to side with an look of impotent despair on its noseless face, and the baby above was melding from one craggy visage of horror to another.

On this evidence, I hope that poor child comes out looking like the milkman. Or anyone else.


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