You know, among all the reasons we replaced our carpet with laminate flooring this month (allowing TJ the freedom to make baby mess without giving me a heart attack, bringing to a peaceful end my contentious relationship with our vacuum cleaner), this was not one of them:

All that clear, hard floor has proven to be too much of a temptation. Good GOLLY, that thing is loud. I didn’t even know he had a remote-controlled car.

Argh. He’s just made a ramp.

(Speaking of the rise of the machines in the House of Jeffcoat, I’m blogging on Segullah today about our love affair with our laptops (five, at last count). Pitch in with advice, if you have any…)


5 thoughts on “Unintended

  1. Welcome! Lovely to have you!

    We’re doomed too – don’t worry about it. The irony of spending all afternoon blogging on the day I posted about being on the computer too much was not lost on me. I keep thinking I’ll get all this self-discipline springing up from nowhere as soon as the baby’s born.


  2. Bryony says:

    I’ve been informed that your husband *doesn’t* actually have a remote-control car…apparently it’s Seb’s. At least, such was his insistence on seeing the picture. He also wants to one-up his brother by taking a picture for my blog with his remote-control helicopter…


  3. Having checked, Tim thinks it’s Seb’s car too, and doesn’t actually remember how he came to have it. We think it ended up in the boxes we retrieved from his mum’s loft last year.
    (He’s welcome to have it back, if his remote-control helicopter would like a companion…)


  4. Bryony says:

    I’ll ask him. Likely, it can stay with you guys for a bit, but if you get tired of the loud whirring engine and tiny tyres skittering across your floor, don’t hesitate to insist that Seb actually wants it back straight away. 😉


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