This Just In (35 + 2)

I’ve got one week of work left. ONE. I’m not counting the days or anything.

Ok, I’m definitely counting the days. But I’m not counting the minutes. I’ve got a widget on the computer to do that for me.

In other news, yesterday I misplaced my ankles. They’ve been swelling up a bit in the evenings for a while, but they were always back in place by the morning. Yesterday they went away and didn’t bother coming back. I suppose that’s it now until the TJ is out of the bottle. Guess I’ll see you on the other side, lightweights.

[Did you know that ankles can swell up to the extent that they wobble? Are you as fascinated by this as I am? It’s like having two little beer bellies on your feet. I am (mostly) resisting the urge to jiggle them.]

If you see my normal-sized, non-wobbly ankles out enjoying themselves, perhaps with other, like-minded metatarsals, tell them to get themselves home sharpish. I’m having to wear these shiny gladiator sandals I don’t even like very much, and they make me look like a disco-themed Maximus Decimus Meridius.


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