The Bare Minimum (35 + 3)

Today (alright, as of yesterday) I am the proud possessor of:

– one (1) pushchair

– one (1) car seat

– one (1)  baby-sized chest of drawers

– one (1) humongous headache.

Not bad for a weekend’s work.

Pushchairs are a minefield, aren’t they? I thought you just had a baby, put it in a pushchair, and it stayed in it until it started walking. Turns out newborns have special requirements that turn into other requirements at six months and more still at twelve, and you’ll want something lighter once your child is bigger and less breakable, and by then you might need a double one anyway, and at this point your brain is dribbling out of your ears, especially if you made the mistake of planning your pushchair reconnaissance mission to Mothercare on a busy Saturday afternoon.

Eventually we went for this:

Because your car seat clips into it, it’s got massive, all-terrain wheels, it unfolds itself, and it’s beautiful, dang it. And TJ is going to appreciate a) beautiful things, and b) The Tiger Who Came To Tea if I have to sweat semicolons to do it. (The Tiger Who Came To Tea isn’t especially pushchair-related; it’s just FYI.)

As no one really wants to spend £700 on a pushchair, no matter how shiny, we went for Ebay. I tend to take Ebay too personally (what do you MEAN we lost the auction?!), but after several stinging failures we tracked one down for approximately one-fifth of the price, including snazzy carry cot and car seat. There’s a mosquito net too. I think this is a tad optimistic. Thankfully, there’s also a raincover.

This relieves a great deal of my not-doing-enough anxiety, because the carry cot is big enough for TJ to sleep in, if he really had to. I started my hospital bag last week, too, and have decided that something to give birth in and somewhere for TJ to sleep is the minimum basic requirement. I only hope he doesn’t judge me for the unpainted walls.

Tim has already pumped the tyres and greased the axles. Top Gear Baby, here we come.


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