Requirements for a Painting Party (35 + 6)

Matching paint-splattered t-shirts (though we fill them slightly differently):

Suitable refreshments:

Poirot solving a murder, moustaches atwirl, in the background:

A large dust-sheet to cover the inconveniently situated piano that still, unfortunately, needs to live in your nursery:

A bit of artistic flair:

And a husband who will secretly set his alarm for 5.30am to finish the second coat you ran out of time for.

The colours look wonderful in that little room. It’s about time, too, given the less-than-eons of time we have left before Labour Day. I’ll give you the grand tour once everything’s a bit less painty.


4 thoughts on “Requirements for a Painting Party (35 + 6)

  1. Bryony says:

    Is that a lovely shade of green I see adorning the walls? I require details once everything is dry and ready to hold some furniture. 🙂


  2. Yes, it is green – and I do love it! We’re picking up the cot this afternoon and I’ll be spending this week getting the rest of the room ready, so I’ll take some proper photos after that 🙂


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