DIY Girl – 1; Rocking Chair – 0 (37 + 2)

Well, what do you know: it worked.

(I know I haven’t done the rockers yet: I need to turn it upside down for that, which is a job more suited for Timothy’s back muscles than mine, at present.)

It’s not the greatest paint job in the world  – I dub thee, rocking chair, Sir Drippy McDripperson – but I’m jolly pleased with it. Which is lucky, because it took many cramped hours and half a season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer to finish off. A note for the future:

  • It will look awful right up until the third coat is dry. At times it will feel like an endless grudge match between you and the rocking chair. Do not give in. The might of the gloss paint will prevail in the end.
  • Use a painting roller, not your ancient, sticky paintbrush (wish I’d realised this before coat no. 3).
  • The floor is hard. Your muscles will ache the next day. Perhaps consider a few pre-painting warm-up stretches.
  • Buffy is an ideal distraction, given that I first saw those episodes a decade ago, and don’t ever have to look at the screen to keep up. I recommend Season Two.

2 thoughts on “DIY Girl – 1; Rocking Chair – 0 (37 + 2)

  1. Pretty sure I can still recite the lines! I’m amazed how much I do remember – I really didn’t have to look up at all to know exactly what was happening.

    Definitely still as good as it always was 🙂


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