Old and New

I miss my sis(ter). She’s been camping on the nursery floor for two days, lucky her.

It’s important to keep up with old-established traditions when spending time with family, I think. Our sisterly routines include eating incredibly cheap Chinese food (with chopsticks for the first five minutes, then switching to forks once the hand-cramp sets in)…

 …singing outrageously to O-Town (more difficult when you’re the driver, I discovered)…

…and taking silly photographs in museums (on this occasion, the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford).

I can relax in a very particular kind of way with siblings. I notice it more because I don’t see them much. They know an older, truer version of me that makes me put all my other selves away for a minute, and everything is familiar, and rooted, and safe.

Not everything is familiar these days, of course. Soon-to-be-Auntie Sarah can now add ‘hanging baby bunting’ and ‘offering opinions on tiny clothing’ to her extensive range of skills. She was very good at it. I expect her to instruct TJ on the noble art of Stupid Museum Photos as soon as opportunity arises.


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