It Counts as a Workout, Honest

What a bizarre time of year to have a heatwave. But a very good day to have a dentist appointment and no car. And if this is the kind of autumn we’re going to have, then sign me right up for that action.

It’s a little unpleasant to haul a pushchair up several flights of stairs in 28°C (how do they cater for wheelchair access?!) but, on the other hand, one should never say no to a bit of bicep work. And apparently, pregnancy pot bellies do not eradicate themselves (humph). So exercise it is.

We were so hot and bothered afterwards that we exercised ourselves all the way to McDonalds for an icecream.

And no, the irony of eating icecream and chocolate sauce to get over a teeth-cleaning appointment did not escape me.

We went the scenic route back, stopping at the park for a little while, and it was beautifully scenic, as advertised.

Henry even got himself a bit of discreet lunch in the park. This marks the first time I’ve dared feed him in public, even under a cover. I tend to be shy about public nudity, and neither of us are quite adept enough at feeding to avoid flashing some flesh. We’re working on it.

Who wants lunch?

No, I didn't mean 'in a minute'.



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