Water Baby

We may be still wrestling with bedtimes (more on this later), but you can chalk bathtime up as a big win for Mummy. Yessss.

Turns out this boy is his mother’s son when it comes to baths, and prefers the water to be properly warm. For a few weeks we were sticking rigidly to what the despotic duck themometer said was too hot (‘HOT’, it screeches at you, in apoplectic capital letters. It refrains from using an exclamation mark, but only just). Personally, I thought the angry duck’s version of HOT was just about lukewarm, but what do I know about baby skin? Not a lot. And what do I know about running steaming baths that take fifteen minutes to sit down in? Far too much.

One morning I cast off the Ducktator’s shackles and ran a bath I thought would be nice to lie in, and behold, the Henricus loved it. It wouldn’t quite be accurate to say that he beams when you lower him in – his ‘social smile’ is yet to appear, despite our best gurning efforts – but he certainly looks pleasantly surprised. I sing ‘The Beautiful Briny Sea’ while swishing him around, of which I know one line of lyrics and one more of the tune, and ‘At the Car Wash’ when I’m drying him off, of which I know ‘At the Car Wash, Yeah’, and nothing else. I’ll have to look them up for when he’s old enough to remember them.

Can't you sing anything else?

This newfound bath-love is exceedingly useful now Sir Sick-a-Lot needs hosing off once a day. In fact, this morning, he was so peeved at being taken out before he was ready that he threw up on his towel, and only barely restrained a cackle of glee as I took him back to the bathroom for another dunking.

PS – we bought a baby bath because a) our full-sized bath has high sides and a shower screen, so it’s hard to bend over far enough, and b) the water in this area is hard and limescaley, so our sink reeks of de-limescale stuff  and isn’t baby appropriate. He’s almost grown the length of it already, but we have used it a fair bit, and it was an inexpensive one from Mothercare. If you had a large bowl, that would probably do.

Put me back in! PUT ME BACK IN!


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