Baby Dancing for Beginners

Are you ready, class? Let’s begin.

Step One: Refuel Baby.

You don’t want their best dance moves foiled by low blood sugar. Tank it up.

Step Two: Burp Baby.

Sick and baby dancing do not mix well.

Step Three: Pep Talk

You may want to include a rendition of the Rocky theme tune, for extra encouragement.

Step Four: Warm Up.

Stretches are essential for the serious baby gymnast.

And now you’re ready!

Dance One: Thriller

Zombie makeup is optional.

Dance Two: Night Fever

A more complex, two-part dance.

Fig A:

Fig B:

Dance Three: YMCA

A moustache might add a note of authenticity. Four moves complete this cheeky little number.

Fig A:

Fig B:

Fig C:

Fig D:

Dance Four: Macarena

Note: the hip-swivelling move may be beyond the average baby-dancer, but this will come in time.

When we got to ‘I’m a Little Teapot’, we both decided it was time to call it a day and have dinner.

Baby Dancing for Intermediates to follow when Henry has mastered flamenco.


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