Other Uses

I did a sit-up this morning. As a little experiment. Just one.

Ok. Just half.

Um, abs. What happened to you?!

I hate not fitting into stuff. But on the plus side, it turns out that belly rolls are brilliant for balancing babies on. It’s like having a high chair for your waist. I am TOTALLY not buying a high chair now.

Do you think they would also help me keep afloat in the swimming pool? This could be a revolutionary development for my frenzied doggy paddle.

Postscript: things to do during feeding, no. 56: do you have an iPhone, dear blog reader? Follow me on Instagram. And I can follow you back, and we’ll both feel good. Isn’t this jolly exciting?


2 thoughts on “Other Uses

  1. Bryony says:

    Hah! I’m just waiting for the point where I don’t have to strap it all in just to walk around comfortably. Oh distended post-baby tummies…how you mock us.


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