O, The Horror

Have you seen this thing on the internet called ‘First World Problems’? This is my favourite:

Mostly because every morning, I find myself standing under my red-hot power shower and thinking ‘I’ll count to five and then I’ll turn it off. He’s not crying yet, is he? Ok, maybe another five’. Doesn’t really compare to, you know, cholera.

Yesterday I caught myself whinging about something that surpassed even a first world problem in triviality. Something that only a lady of a certain station could whinge about. And so without further ado, I present to you: Stay-At-Home-Mum Problems.

(Not as catchy as the original.)

Once I started thinking of them, they just kept coming.

Or how about:


Or even:

PS – I couldn’t find who owns this picture. If it’s yours, let me know so I can credit it.

Any more?

The lesson is, clearly, that I need to stop whinging. But on the other hand, I have caught sick in my brassiere this week not once, but twice.

I feel this is pretty major, as problems go.


5 thoughts on “O, The Horror

  1. Bryony says:

    Had to watch movies all day…baby wanted to be held.
    Couldn’t run errands…taking a nap.
    Can’t leave the couch…husband has to bring food and drinks.

    Oh the arduous life we lead…


  2. reverend61 says:

    You think you lot have it bad? What about us Fathers?

    – Can’t linger in music store…child screaming
    – Can’t shake hands with client…hands still smell of poo from this morning’s second change
    – Can’t say ‘Feeling tired’….she’ll say “You’re tired?!? YOU’RE tired??????”


  3. Ha, love all the suggestions. It’s funny because it’s true.

    Caitlin, thankfully I wasn’t out – I was trying to get him to feed, and he was all ‘Mother, I see your feeding time and I raise you a copious vomit’.


  4. My favourite wish-I-was-staying-at-home-yet-mum problem:

    “Too tired to get out of the car to push the button to open the electric gates at nursery. Will justs sit here and listen to the radio until there is someone coming out who opens the gate and then I can sneak in without leaving the comfort of my vehicle.”


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