As An Aside


has been caught in the path of more drool, pee and sick than I’m comfortable thinking about. But. I’m. Still. Wearing. It.

(It’s too fuzzy to wash without wreaking merry havoc on my dark clothes, so if I want a clean version, I need to buy one.)

I used to be hygienic, I’m sure of it.


is worth every bodily fluid he can throw at me. Honest.


2 thoughts on “As An Aside

  1. it might be weird to have just stumbled across your blog and make my first comment be about laundry, but….you could try washing the scarf by putting it alone in a sink of very hot water with like half a cup of baking soda hanging out in there. this is just an idea….although i’m definitely not judging you for just wearing it in its “loved” state….


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