I have anxiety dreams, mostly.

And I won’t tell you about them, because there is nothing, no nothing, more boring than listening to someone else’s dream. That’s Timothy’s job. Hence, the following.

Me, via text: I totally dreamed that it was your birthday and we completely forgot! The guilt just woke me up.

[To save my blushes, I will not specify what time this text was sent.]

Timothy: But it is my birthday!

Nice try. I was sleepy enough to give some serious thought to what month it was, and then I remembered that we were having an adventurous time in the New Forest on Tim’s birthday, getting stuck in bogs and things. He was just hoping to wangle some presents and cake, I think.

So, Henry and I obliged.

Happy fake-anxiety-dream birthday, Timothy!

(I didn’t mean to make it look like a Menorah. It just does. A bit. Can you make a Menorah out of Krispy Kremes?)


2 thoughts on “Unbirthday

  1. reverend61 says:

    Christopher Walken does this thing where on every film set in which he’s residing, he’ll pick a day at random during the shoot and then sit gloomily in his trailer until makeup and hair arrive. When they get there and ask him why the long face (it’s genetic, don’t question it, and besides it makes him look distinctive) he’ll say “Well, don’t tell anyone, but it’s my birthday, and as nice as these people are you always wish you could spend birthdays with your family”. Within the hour, they’ve found cakes, candles, gifts and balloons and they all have a little impromptu party on set.

    He shoots three films a year.


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