After today’s developments I finally feel like it’s the right time to make this list:

Weird Stuff Timothy Has Eaten On Toast, Part 1:

1. Mince

2. Onions

3. Mustard

4. Lemon icing

5. Tomato pasta

6. Chicken noodles

Stuff Timothy Will Not Eat On Toast Under Any Circumstances, Part 1:

1. Margarine.

The heck?!

Stay tuned: Timothy continues a lifelong campaign to divide all foodstuffs into things that can and cannot be eaten on toast. The latter group is not a large one.

(I am weird about toast too. It needs to be hot, or I can’t eat it. But I write this blog, so I say he is weirder.)



2 thoughts on “Gastronomy

  1. I don’t mind margarine on toast if there is something else as well, but I agree, if it’s just plain toast, it HAS to be butter. Margarine just tastes slightly plastic and wrong.


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