What a ground-breaking Monday this is turning out to be. Perhaps I only need say the word ‘poomaggeddon’, and it will be unnecessary to provide any more information on how I spent my morning. Or perhaps this will suffice:

Me: *nappychangenappychange* Oh. There’s the avocado.

Henry: *peealloverownface*

Me: Hahaha. Oh, brilliant. Chortles. You silly – NO NO NO DON’T LICK IT OFF.

After which he was inconsolable for an hour. Small wonder.

Please tell me your Monday has been more productive than this.

PS – twitteration has commenced here at the House of Jeffcoat. I got all excited about my first follower until I realised it was a spammer offering inappropriately personal services. A good start. Perhaps you’d like to fill the gap instead?

PPS – we – and when I say ‘we’, I mean in the ‘Timothy’ sense of the word – updated the photo banner. Since Henry appears to be sticking around. You like?


One thought on “Ch-ch-ch-changes

  1. Bryony says:

    I do love that picture of Henry in the photo banner. *Our* Monday has been spent walking, podcast-listening, and teething pain relief-buying. 🙂


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