Oh, blush

I love this girl.

And not just because she appreciates a good fibreglass Santa. I’m not saying I love her even more now she’s given me a Liebster Blog award, but, you know. It is possible to buy my love with gifts, that’s all I’m saying.

Anyway, thank you to the marvellous Emily Cole of thewienertakesitall for the award. Her blog, documenting the life and loves of her beautiful Dachshund, Mort, makes me snort embarrassingly out of my nose whenever I read it, and hence can now only be read in a non-public place.

In accordance with tradition, here are three brilliant blogs I have bookmarked on my Google Reader. (I have no idea how to tell how many followers someone has. It seems a little personal, like asking for their waist measurements.)

Kris Jackson’s beautiful blog a quick succession of busy nothings is one of my favourites. Kris and her husband, Miles, moved to Oxfordshire from the States, and she writes about their expat adventures with their gorgeous baby daughter. She’s also an amazing photographer, and always makes me want to visit England, before I remember I already live there.

I love me a good cake photo, and Cupcake Crazy Gem was the first person to inspire me to have a crack at baking. She’s very, very good. And has excellent recommendations for cupcake places to try in London, should you be on the hunt for somewhere tasty to go.

Or how about a crafty project or two? A Series of Beginnings is the home of the ever-creative Bryony, who manages to juggle a mega-cute baby with some pretty nifty home improvement.

Aaaaand finally, five fascinating facts. Oh gosh, the pressure. We’re not very fascinating. Here we go.

1) I have made a solemn vow to name all of our children after Shakespeare characters. I feel Henry is a good strong start.

2) We are not very good at sticking to nicknames: Henry goes by Henricus Rex, Hennersly, Henners, Henster, Henrickson, Sven Goran Henrickson and – a bit left-field, this – Little Tisty. Timothy feels this last one is too close to ‘Little Testes’ for comfort, but I am rather attached to it.

3) Timothy is directly descended from mathematician John Napier, who – I’m sure you already know – invented the decimal point. Get him.

4) I once sang a duet with Gareth Gates, with whom I went to primary school. They gave him the special microphone echo, but not me. I’m not bitter.

5) Between us, and counting grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins (and spouses and children), in-laws and nephews, we have 150 relatives. Heaven help us with Henry’s birthday parties.

Well, there you go. I hope you’re fascinated. Otherwise I’ll be giving you a hard stare, and don’t think I won’t, because I will. Thanks again Em!


6 thoughts on “Oh, blush

  1. Ha yes, it’s true! We were in the nativity together: I was the Rainbow Wind and he was a shepherd (it was an alternative nativity, apparently). And he dated my friend, but not me. I was a good little seven year old, waiting till I was sixteen 🙂


  2. Yes, Napier’s bones! Tim’s granny’s maiden name was Napier Jeffcoat, so he’s in the direct line, I think. Pretty cool – all of my ancestors are mill-workers, I think.

    My primary school was obviously trying to be trendy. I remember I had an awesome costume and got to swish about a lot, but not much else…


  3. I wrote on here the other day but I guess it didn’t post properly! Thanks for the award, I’m very flattered I inspired you to bake – I had no idea! and 150 relatives…you better get good at baking to epic proportions for those crowded birthday parties you will be hosting! I’m also intrigued about the Shakespeare character names plan…it could be very interesting depending on what your favourite plays are – Balthasar or Peaseblossom perhaps? haha


  4. Oh gosh, I can’t believe I haven’t responded to this yet!! Anyway, I’ve been thinking about it over the last two days and feeling so very honored dear lady! Thank you! I’m looking forward to blogging about this and passing the love on to other deserving bloggers. (though probably won’t get around to it until next week…. ugh, so much to blog about, so little time! 🙂
    I so love your blog, by the way. You are such a witty and talented writer. I am a terrible writer, thus the reason I have to rely so much on photos to tell my story!


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