Hearts, etc

Love is:

babysitting at 6am when you know full well you have to get to work pretty soon.

never, ever asking your wife to clean the bathroom, because you know she hates it.

playing the What I Got From the Library and Why game with good grace for four years.

giggling like a fool when she suggests replacing your broken tooth with a piece of sweetcorn.

Give me one of these Timothys any old day of the week.

We decided to postpone V-day this time: we never make a huge deal of it, but this 14th February was graced with extra-long client meetings and a youth basketball tournament, lucky him. I brought dinner, and we sat outside the chapel kitchen with lukewarm toad-in-the-hole and the hollering of teenage boys just outside. A magical night.

This morning there were huge, velvety roses on my windowsill and a fed-and-changed baby asleep downstairs. I’ll take one of these Timothys any old time.


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