Do me a solid

: A Guide to Eating Stuff That’s Not Milk, For the Discerning Six-Month-Old.

By Henry Jeffcoat.

From left to right:


2) meh.

3) I will deign to rest my tongue on this. But only if Daddy’s doing the feeding.

4) yes. Yes yes yes yes yes.

5) a moment on the lips, a lifetime making its laboriously painful way through the digestive tract.

6) there’s none left? There’s none left? There’s none LEFT?!

So now you know.


One thought on “Do me a solid

  1. reverend61 says:

    Yeuch! I remember baby rice. We only ever gave it to Joshua. We thought it looked and smelled horrid and he hated it, so we didn’t even try it with the others (whom I suspect would probably have liked it).

    I remember at the age of eight months Thomas pushed away the spoon that would approach his mouth and insisted on feeding himself. Every meal. I had to repaint the kitchen.


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