184 days, 736 nappy changes, approximately 1800 sicked-on outfits (for all three of us) and five jars of apple sauce later, here’s what we’ve got:

Six things I love about this six-months boy:

  1. He smiles after every sneeze. Does it tickle, or does he enjoy it? I don’t know.
  2. Standing up is too boring: he bounces like a pogo stick.
  3. There is not a square centimetre of clean face left after he’s eaten dinner.
  4. He likes to fall asleep holding onto your chin.
  5. He is engaged in a constant battle to get his foot in his mouth and keep it there.
  6. He lights up like a beacon when Daddy comes home.

Happy monthversary, Henricus Rex, and your mama thanks you: you have changed me more than you know.

(If you could start sleeping through the night again as a six-month present to yourself, that would be marvellous.)


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