Glamour pancakes

Yes, you read that right. This year’s pancakes will be the most GLAMOROUS INDIE ROCK AND ROLL PANCAKES EVER.

Shrove Tuesday happens to coincide this year with Lipstick Testing week, in which I wear lipstick and try not to feel like a dork. Little things make a difference when baby mothering, and my personal rules of selfhood go something like this: 1) wear makeup every day; 2) get dressed every day; 3) have nails painted if possible. The only nail varnish I’ve got at the minute is a pearly pink that looks lovely in the pot but more like Essence of Senior Citizen on my nails, but I’d rather see that when digging through a solid food nappy than nothing at all.

Yesterday, inspired by this fabulousness, I bought a red lipstick. Red red RED. It is fire engine red. It is fifties housewife red. It makes me look like a dork. I know there are different types of red and this one seems to be on the pinkish/orange side, so perhaps I need a bluey-red (yes, such things exist). Stage one is to wear it without feeling like an idiot around the house. I had a crack last night and it went jolly well with my pajamas, but in the cold light of day I’m struggling a bit. I keep reapplying it and then being mocked by my reflection and compulsively scrubbing it off ten minutes later. Also it keeps rubbing off on my baby and other things (will this happen a lot?). Stage two will be to wear it out of the house. I am shrivelling inside at the thought.

Anyway, tonight: lipstick and pancakes. I take pancake day seriously so have some major preparations to make this afternoon. Just know that they will be very glamorous preparations indeed. They will be full of intrigue. I may have to find a frilly dress and a cigarette holder from somewhere or other. But no cigarettes, because, urgh.

Do you have a lipstick you can’t live without? Or do you think I am an orangey-red or a bluey-red? (Or some other colour entirely? I draw the line at purple.) Someone must know these things: is it you?


5 thoughts on “Glamour pancakes

  1. I’m not always right, and I may be wrong, but I am beginning to get the feeling that you really, really love your baby!

    What a wonderful world it would be if all children could experience such love.



  2. Thank you Robin! We did actually have strawberries with our pancakes this evening and my lipstick was quite similar!

    Ronnie, funnily enough, you are absolutely right 🙂 Who couldn’t love a face like that?


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