Remember that screen addiction thing? We’re not really any better at it. There’s a reason Henry likes this so much: it’s the only one in the house he’s allowed to touch.

Now’s the time to reform our computer habits, I think. He’s old enough to recognise our iPhones and laptops. He hasn’t quite mastered the pinch-and-zoom thing, but he’s having a good old go at it. And I want him to know that there is a life beyond a screen and keypad. Maybe I wouldn’t have read so much Roald Dahl or bashed out as much piano or made up as many stories in the garden and forced my unfortunate sister to act them out with me if I’d had the option of a computer when I was young. It’d be nice if Henry felt he had a choice.

We present, then, for your consideration: this.

The pot of family time. We call it (mormon joke alert) spirit prison. When Tim gets home from work the computers go off and the phones go in the pot until after dinner. We are quite spectacularly bad at this, so it’s a good job we’ve got a few years to practice before Henry will be expected to join in. I am so relieved that every day is a chance to do better, because cumulatively, we sort of suck.

Do you think I should bling it up to make it more exciting? A few swags of tinsel, or a tiny pot-sized medallion? Does it need a theme song? Serious considerations.


4 thoughts on “Technobabble

  1. Meg says:

    This is SUCH a brilliant idea Rachel! I might have to try this!
    Suggestions for decorating the pot: prison bars with a small man trying to escape?!?! Tee hee hee!


  2. Cathryn says:

    Love to read your blog, it makes me chuckle. You should write a book I would love to read it. Just wondering…does the antenna sticking out of Henry’s head get him a better signal on his computer 🙂 He is such a cute little boy, hope we get to see him in August:-)


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