Always take advice from Will Smith, people. Always.

I have a bit of a girl crush on Will Smith. I know he’s a man, but I mean what people mean when they say ‘girl crush’ – I feel like he’s a jolly nice person and wish we could be friends – in the same way that I have girl crushes on Sandra Bullock, Wendy Cope and the late honourable Thomas Cromwell. Do you think perhaps these friendship things can be sorted out in the afterlife? I’d host a brilliant dinner party.

Anyway, one of my personal rules of thumb is to always take advice from Will Smith, and in Hitch, he says something that is relevant to my recent wardrobe clear-out fashion dilemma (three bags of tiny cast-offs, I took to the charity shop. THREE BAGS), which is:

You cannot use what you do not have. If you’re shy, be shy. If you’re outgoing, be outgoing.

And if your natural style seems to be along the lines of ‘grumpy librarian from the fifties’ then go with it and make it work. I think I might just be a ‘grumpy librarian from the fifties’ kind of person. It wouldn’t take much of a leap for me to be very strict about the no-talking rule. I tend to gravitate towards the slightly formal – I don’t own any trainers, never wear tracksuit bottoms unless I’m exercising and have approximately ten thousand button-up cardigans – so instead of berating myself for not being fashionable enough I’ve just decided to embrace it. Use what you have, right? Will Smith said so.

H&M helped me out at the weekend with this adorable polka-dot cardigan:

From H&M, here.

And then I got a pretty blouse from Monsoon:

Monsoon, here.

Both of which made me feel like a) I could get very enthusiastic wielding a date-stamper; and b) that would be ok.

If you find anything that happens to remind you of a grumpy librarian from the fifties, please direct me to it. I will investigate with interest.

(Skinny jeans are my supervillain, incidentally: they don’t do me many favours, and certainly aren’t very librarianish, but I still can’t stop buying them. I’ve decided to run with it and regret it later (always a good fashion policy).)


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