I need your help with a decorating dilemma

I was in Waterstones the other week – what, really? – yes, it’s true – and discovered the most fabulous thing.

Vintage London Underground wrapping paper. CONTAIN YOUR EXCITEMENT. I did not; I gasped like a minor character in an Agatha Christie whodunnit scene and startled the elderly lady woofing a cranberry scone behind me.

Oh oh oh, wrapped around a book it was a lovely thing. I love finding beautiful cards and wrapping paper. It’s my favourite part of birthdays. But I am a stationery hipster, I will freely admit: once everyone had cottoned on to Paperchase, I started hunting in other haunts.

(I would still spend half my paycheque in Paperchase if no one were looking. Good job I don’t have a paycheque anymore.)

Anyway, the London Underground paper was a stiff, aged cream, slightly ridged, wholly beautiful. I loved it. And they had more.

So today, we walked into town under brilliant sunshine and got some.

I want to frame one for a wall in our living room. We have endless, plain cream walls in our flat; we love art, but putting something on a wall feels like a commitment. We have a few funny African batik prints on the staircase, and that’s about it.

Wouldn’t a vintage map look stunning over a bookcase crammed with pottery?

Here’s my problem: I couldn’t choose just one. They were ludicrously cheap, which made it worse. There’s the old Underground map, an old street map of London, a famous monuments street map of Paris, and a school map of the British Isles.

I’m leaning towards Paris. But I can’t decide. What do you think?


6 thoughts on “I need your help with a decorating dilemma

  1. Sam says:

    So I love all of them! For me it would have to be the school room map, but then again I am a teacher! Do any of the places hold a memory for you? Perhaps a beautiful weekend in Paris? Have you any other spare walls? Get them all up! Good Luck. (PS I am stealing this idea forthwith!)


  2. Thank you friends!

    So I’m thinking I might go for Paris and the London Underground – Sam, we spent our second anniversary in Paris, and it’s been my favourite so far. I loved every minute of it.

    I’ll post photos once I’ve done it. Just need to find good poster frames now…


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