Meals for not much: naan bread pizza

It may be de rigueur to make your own pizza dough these days, but if you are afraid of dough (yes), want a healthier alternative to shop-bought pizza (yes) and can’t afford to feed your Domino’s habit (yes yes), then try this: naan bread pizza.  Quick and easy and amazingly cheap (hello, one-salary food shopping).

We tried pitta breads as pizza bases initially, but they’re not very nice – they’re too hard and thin. We are deep-dish pizza people at heart. One day we stumbled across mini garlic and coriander naans at Tesco. It was a masterstroke. The base stays fluffy and savoury, and they come in packs of six. With homemade potato wedges and salad, that’s enough for a houseful. Now we buy the pack of two full-size naans, split it down the middle, and eat them over two days.

You will need:

naan breads of your choice (we get them here);

half a jar of tomato pasta sauce, or any kind of pasta sauce, or barbeque sauce if you fancy it;

handful of grated cheese;

anything else.

We like mozzarella, ham, peppers, red onion and olives. But use whatever you have in the cupboard: bacon, sausage, salami, sweetcorn, slices of tomato, chopped-up chicken, leftover mince. Most things are good on pizza. It is an equal-opportunities foodstuff.

Spoon the pasta sauce onto the naan bread, then add the toppings. Assemble yourself in ten minutes or let everyone make their own. Fifteen minutes at 200°C should do it.

Stuff yo’ face, good people. Stuff yo’ face.


2 thoughts on “Meals for not much: naan bread pizza

  1. reverend61 says:

    My first thought on seeing this post was “We are *sooo* doing this”. When I showed it to Emily, she pointed out that we already did it, once, many years ago (and probably before we had children) – we took leftover curry and spread it on a couple of naans to make a curry-style pizza base, with jalfrezi instead of tomato sauce. It was extremely good…


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