The Penguins Say

that sleeping with the window open is a revelation.

Had you noticed? It’s hot. Big changes have had to happen chez Jeffcoat. I have divested a full 70% of my pajama wardrobe, for one thing. And the great big skylight in our bedroom has been swung wide open for days.

Sunlight pours in, and everything else. While Timothy snores on beside me, I can hear cats and cars and embarrassing arguments. The strumming of a guitar floats over the street from the chap across the road. I listen to him practising for hours. He’s never been in our house, but his guitar has.

It makes me wonder how many houses I’ve drifted in and out of.

I like having a bit of extra life in here.


Pee Ess! This is a new series in which my ever so snazzy Penguin postcards give their opinions on my blog posts. Like a cardstock Magic 8 ball. I love them with a pure and holy love, and have moved them up to the top five in the List of Best Presents Ever. If I had a study I would frame them all and cover the walls with them. And then when you came to visit, I’d make you tick off which ones you’d read. Be sad about that little missed opportunity, dear friends.


2 thoughts on “The Penguins Say

  1. This was just beautiful. Atmospheric!

    “It makes me wonder how many houses I have drifted in and out of.” I love that.

    Also putting those postcards on my already started Christmas list.


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