Somewhere, in an alternate universe, there’s a version of Mrs Jeffcoat who never leaves the crusty washing-up till the next day and is never snappy or rude and is generous to a fault, to a fault. I would just love to be the version of Mrs Jeffcoat who has faults like that. I think it probable that this Mrs Jeffcoat also has naturally curling hair, but let’s not make assumptions.

Sometimes you feel like you need realigning. Like the best version of yourself is always just out of reach. Or like your days are a little – just a little – grungy, and you wish you could just get out of the damn fog and into the fresh air to take a deep breath.

Well, I’ve felt like that lately. I am tired, and our days are getting darker earlier, and there is not enough cranberry Wensleydale cheese in the world for that, some evenings. And then came Conference weekend, and I took a deep breath. Between sessions, on Twitter – I heart Twitter – one of the things I was reminded of was this.

I love, love, love this and I cry like an idiot every time I watch it. For more reasons than just the baby in the incubator and the fact that Russell M. Nelson looks a lot like my grandad. I cry because it reminds me to be gentle with the version of myself that I have.

[Aside: do not watch this just before you fly, because, well, it made for a bad flight.]

Here are some of the things I took away this weekend.

Be patient with yourself.

Perfection comes not in this life. 

Don’t demand things that are unreasonable, but demand of yourself improvement.

I can be better. I can choose wisely. I am doing okay.

[Also: naturally curling hair is overrated, probably.]


5 thoughts on “Polishing

    • Well, my hair IS naturally curly – or, let’s be truthful, naturally frizzy – so I sympathise. What I was hoping for was hair that curls in the way my curling tongs do it – you know, the coke-can sized ringlets that tumble down your back. Alas.


    • You are lovely; thank you 🙂 So lovely I used a semi-colon in that sentence, and I love them so much I normally ration them. Not for you, though. Oh no.

      Oh, Elder Holland! We were whooping at that one too. So many of my favourite talks are his.


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