Skeleton Rex

Happy Halloween! I’ve been waiting forever to do stuff like this. It still sort of makes me feel like I’m playing at being a parent.

We spent a lovely day at Henry’s cousin’s birthday party, then finished it off with a Trunk and Treat Halloween party in the evening. This time last year, we dressed him up as a skeleton and he spent the whole evening protesting about his hat.

Better this year. He was bewildered by spiders and skeletons, but give this boy a dinosaur suit and an acre of clear floor and he’s got places to be. We labelled his trick or treat bag ‘H-rex’, Henry drew a few artistic impressions on the front and Timothy filled it admirably.

Fifty pumpkins and a bag full of sweeties later, we got home and into pyjamas. Finding him playing with his ducky in the bathroom, I told him Daddy was making his bottle. He ran off somewhere, and I found him a minute later trying to climb into his cot for bed. What a boy.

We just feel like we got really lucky with this one.


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