Toddlers are conflicted things. Alongside a dominant personality strand we will name ‘The Raging Whirlwind’, Henry also wants to keep things as they should be. Let’s call this ‘The Grandpa’. He can’t see an open stairgate without trying to close it. If the fridge lock is undone, he tries to fasten it. The things in the fridge are sweet and delicious, yes – especially the mayonnaise. But the fridge lock is supposed to be fastened.

When I pointed this out to Timothy, he said ‘thank goodness he inherited some of his father’s personality, too’. I was about to be offended, then I remembered it was true. Keeping anything as it should be is not really how I roll. It takes all sorts to enrich a world, you guys.

This week, The Grandpa came out again as Henry started wanting to put things into other things. Unfortunately, he likes his things to be inside things they’ve never seen before: his shoe under the grill, his book in the washing machine, my credit card in the recycling bin, throat sweets in Tim’s underwear drawer. He is a housekeeping maverick.

All this time I thought he liked emptying the bookshelf. Actually he just knew that the books needed to be somewhere else.

I am fascinated. How can I tweak this into tidying? There must be a way. And how long till I accidentally make car-on-toast?

Happy Friday to you, lovely people! Since I am still staggering on with a mutant version of Henry’s cold, I think it may be a quiet weekend for us. Either that, or we’ll be fumigated by the city council because of how many days I’ve not showered.


7 thoughts on “Grandpa

  1. Emma says:

    So you want to teach him how to clean, it’s simple….. We got our 18 month old son a replica child’s dyson. It’s the best £20 we’ve ever spent and for some unknown reason all the reviews referenced to people buying said item for their son, grandson, nephew – maybe it’s a boy thing? They all seem to be fascinated when it comes to seeing how things work!


      • Emma says:

        We got ours from Toys R Us, £20. Be warned it needs 4 size C batteries! It actually has a teeny bit of suction too which is rather cute because it will quite happily suck up little bits of toilet roll into a little compartment at the back. Our son plays with his for hours 🙂


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