Steady on guys, this pregnancy is ON A ROLL. I had my first midwife appointment yesterday, which means it’s actually happening. I love this one. No being poked around, just a long list of uncomfortable congenital disease questions. Cannabis smoker? No. Type A diabetes? No. Addicted to antidepressants? No. Afraid in your own home? Now you mention it…no. I like to imagine the midwife’s face if you said yes to everything. Just tick them all, lady. But, deep-vein thrombosis? Tick ‘em. But, you don’t need an Urdu interpreter, surely? TICK THEM, I SAID.

I get some consultant care for this pregnancy, given that time I went in for a hospital appointment and came out with a baby. I feel a bit spesh. But generally, for second babies they assume you remember it all from last time and don’t keep such a close eye on you. I don’t mind that very much, as any close eye on me at the moment would sooner or later end with a trip to the bathroom. Some things are best unaccompanied.

Oh, and I kind of got all nostalgic handing in a urine sample for the first time in ages. Ah, memories. Misty – ahem – water-coloured memories, if you will.

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