Outside, the world


The beginning is always today.

Mary Shelley

Dear universe, I would like 2013 to open our eyes.

Because one of the things I learned in 2012 was that I need more in my life than doing the dishes. It felt like Henry and I spent a lot of time indoors or buying groceries at Tesco. We played it safe, and often didn’t plan very much outside our comfort zone. It felt like a day’s work, every day, to keep the house clean and us all decently clothed and fed. Well, I can’t do that anymore. I want to reconnect with my passions. My kids will need passions of their own, which means they need experiences to be passionate about. And none of them – heaven forbid – should only have a passion for doing the dishes.

And so I want to widen the horizons of all of us. I want Tim and I to be better at getting out by ourselves so our babies know, in years to come, that we put each other first. I want to do better at organising our week, so Henry and I go further than the park around the corner. I want to watch him catch his daddy’s enthusiasm at the Science Museum. I want to go on nature walks all together. I want us to engage in service projects and help others. I want to travel, with and without offspring (Rome in the Spring? Maybe?).

For myself, I want to find a proper writing gig. I want to read things that stimulate thought and conversation. I want to play the piano. I want – oh please, please please – to go to the Hay Festival again this year.

I will be a better mother if I can use all of me to mother with, and a better wife if I can talk about something other than the laundry. And I will feel like a more unified version of myself. This year, we’re taking our domestic blinkers off.

And sometimes, I will also do the vacuuming (probably).


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