Meals for not much: all-together egg and chips

Photo 05-01-2013 02 47 31 PM

Some days are cordon bleu days (um…I imagine). But then there are Saturdays so gloomy you have to keep the light switched on, and the only thing to be eaten is a big pan of homemade egg and chips. It’s not fancy in the slightest, but sometimes only chips will do.

It’s not hard to make egg and chips, of course, and it hardly needs a tutorial. But this is my favourite way to do it (cheers, BBC). It’s quick and easy, and the magic happens in only one oven tray. It’s also much healthier than you think, especially if you’re careful with the salt and oil.

You’ll need (let’s be obvious, for a second):

two or three potatoes, depending on how greedy you are

four eggs

salt, pepper and olive oil

dried rosemary and a couple of cloves of garlic if you’re feeling fancy.

Cut the potatoes into wedges or longer chip shapes, and toss in the oven tray with salt, pepper and a glug of olive oil – just enough to coat them, not drown them. Sprinkle over the dried rosemary and chopped garlic cloves if you’re using them. Put the chips in a hot oven (200C) for half an hour. Then – and here’s the clever bit, such as it is – take them out, make a few spaces between the chips, and crack your eggs into the spaces. Put the tray back in for 3-5 mins or so, and it’s all perfectly ready to eat.

Divide and conquer between two people. If you want to add veggies, you could always roast some vegetables or tomatoes alongside the chips, or eat with salad. I usually just embrace my inner scruffbag and eat my half in a sandwich with ketchup. Well, it is Saturday.


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