I’m playing the piano at a wedding on Saturday. Do you think it’s going to go well?

Henry, Mummy is playing the piano now. Why don’t you play with digger?

No, it’s Mummy’s turn to play the piano. You can play in a while. What’s digger doing?

Shall we get a puzzle out for you?

What does ‘ack’ mean? Ack? Ack? Oh, hat.

You want to wear the Santa hat? Ok. Here it is.

Yes, alright, I’ll wear the Santa hat.

Oh dear. Yes, you banged your head. Let me rub it. What were you doing to get stuck under the rocking chair?

That’s Daddy’s mouse. Put it back, please. Mice don’t play the piano.

No darling, I’m playing the piano now. Leave my fingers alone.

Henry, where’s digger?

Oh, are you doing some drawing? That looks lovely.

What have you got in your mouth? HENRY. What’s in your mouth? Is that a WHOLE CRAYON?

Darling, crayons are not for eating, are they? Spit it all into the bin. You play here.

Something smells. Have you got a dirty nappy? Let’s change it.

Please don’t draw on my music. Yes, why don’t I take the crayons? You go find digger.

You can’t sit on my lap just at the moment – I’m playing the piano.


Photo 26-02-2013 02 45 40 PM


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