The space in-between

When I think about today, later, I’ll remember a short sunshine day of setting things right.

We had a wonderful Easter weekend. We ate good meals, slept, went for walks, read books curled up in basket chairs, and watched two little boys buzz around on a permanent sugar high. They love each other and I love to watch them. ‘EEE-OH!’ Henry bellows from across the room. Unsurprisingly, cousin Ethan has no idea this refers to him. Since Henry calls himself ‘OOH’ (‘you’, which is what I say when I point him out in photographs – ‘look Henry, it’s you!’) we may still have some way to go before they can find each other in a crowd.



Today was our in-between day. Tim was out for a good bit of it, hiking with his youth group. Henry went with him as a last-minute addition, and they both came back at 4pm with wind-beaten cheeks and red noses. Happily left to myself, I tidied, cleaned, opened blinds to let in the unaccustomed sunshine, executed complicated dance moves that should only be attempted in private by someone of this circumference, did load after load of fresh-smelling laundry, made endless lists of what needs repacking, and planned our Parisian itinerary. We are not good at last-minute wandering, and tend to end up hiking five miles in completely the wrong district before we find somewhere to eat. Not this time though, no sir: I have marked out a creperie and an ice cream parlour on our customised map, and by HEAVEN I am going to use it.

Tomorrow I will get up early, finish packing, send my boy off to his grandparents, cry a lot and then catch the train to Paris. We will be armed with a customised map and unstoppable enthusiasm. It will be marvellous. Today, I was just grateful for a small space in which to create some order, and a bright light in which to do it.

(This also means I’ll be blogless until next week. You can follow our Parisian (mis)adventures on Instagram, if you’re so inclined: find us @makealongstoryshort.)

Photo 02-04-2013 02 02 45 PM


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