Counting to ten [days]

Number of times I have said the word ‘gently’: approximately 4500.

Number of changed nappies, large and small: 88.

Number of hospital check-ups: 3.

Number of times hair has been torn out of head in frustration at hospital parking: 3.

Number of times Henry had to say ‘apples’ before I realised he meant ‘nipples’: 35.

Number of milk-reappearances: 4.

Number of times I have rechecked the caffeine guidelines for breastfeeding mothers: 102.

Number of times I drank the stupid Coke anyway: 97.

Number of cries-for-no-reason: 5.

Number of Buffy episodes watched: 23.

Number of times I’ve turned around to find Henry holding Edward in dangling Michael-Jackson-on-the-balcony fashion: 1. Thank goodness.

This is the best hard work I ever did. Though it’d be even better if Edward would stop power-feeding till 2am.

Still, this face, eh?



10 thoughts on “Counting to ten [days]

  1. Awww… I know it isn’t so very aww right now for you. I’ll wait to decide until I have mine. But the pic is still awww, that cute little wrinkled face does make you forget all that, yeah?
    Also I need to google for the Micheal jackson pics and *shudder* can Henry really do that?


    • It’s true – that face makes it all worth it 🙂 And yes, H scooped him up under the armpits and looked all proud that he’d picked him up. Eek. We got there before he dropped him, thankfully…


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