Fridge words

I knew they’d be all over the place when I got them. And so they are. I spend what feels like an hour a day persuading Henry to pick them up. But I like sitting cross-legged on the floor and arranging them. Sometimes I write messages. Sometimes we order the letters by colour. Sometimes I fling words out into the white void and see who catches them.

Found this one morning after Tim had gone to work.

Photo 04-10-2013 10 22 46 AM

And this was waiting for us when we got back from Edinburgh (points for the local dialect).

Photo 20-09-2013 10 29 37 AM

I seem to remember this being a day with a lot of screaming. Wish the set came with an apostrophe.

Photo 25-09-2013 03 46 56 PM

And when very frustrated, I bring out the big guns.

Photo 04-10-2013 10 15 40 AM

Steady on, potty-mouth.


4 thoughts on “Fridge words

  1. samanthabyrne says:

    Loving the blog at the mo! (Not that I don’t always love it.) And what a lovely poem to wake up to. Keep going, think you are doing a fabulous job (in a non patronising tone!) with the boys, (loving the tales of TJ and mini TJ) can’t wait to have another, you’ll be my inspiration!


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