Autumn loves #4 and #5: boo


My dad’s finest Halloween moment was giving our hopeful trick-or-treaters slices of bread for their sweetie bags. Most of our visitors were teenagers, dressed in bin bags with holes cut into the top; surely in that situation a slice of stale Hovis is all you can rightfully expect.

I don’t know whether it’s the bread or the bin bags, but Halloween tends to leave me unmoved. Dressing up boys, though: that I can get behind. We took SpiderFamily to the Halloween party at church on Saturday night, and at least one SpiderPerson consumed so much sugar he was buzzing for hours after, yes hours. The boys have the sort of auntie who can hear about a Halloween party, reach casually into her closet and bring out a full-body Spiderman costume, which makes her the coolest auntie ever. For my part, I sewed a plastic spider onto Henry’s shoulder and felt like I’d earned my motherhood badge at last. Please note: the ability to face paint does not arrive with your motherhood badge. Must practice.

Tonight we finally carved our pumpkin. I do not know how I have reached the ripe old age of almost twenty-nine without ever carving a pumpkin, but it was obviously a state that could not continue further. I grilled a ten-year-old at the weekend about the procedure and made careful notes, but as it turned out Timothy knew his way around a pumpkin carving, no problem. I like that in a gentleman.

The face we chose was a solid classic. He is glowering at me now from the corner, all sassy eyebrows and stringy insides.

(I just typed ‘pimpkin’ instead of ‘pumpkin’, which is at least twelve times funnier. Time for bed.)








12 thoughts on “Autumn loves #4 and #5: boo

  1. I bought a dead cheap carving kit at Asda or Morrisons a few years ago and it made it much easier. Has a little tool for poking holes along the lines of the picture you are trying to cut out and then a little saw for sawing between the holes. too late for this year I know but you might be able to pick one up and save it for future use.


  2. Oh the spider costume on Edward is so damn cute. And you’re right about face-painting not coming with motherhood. It is evident in poor Henry’s face 😀 Tim knows pumpkin carving?! Wow!
    PS: I’m jealous of new moms who can put on red nailpaint and smile in pictures. Any nailpaint for that matter. Hmmppff.


    • I painted my nails on Friday night, when I was away! Otherwise, you’re right – almost impossible to get done with babies in the house. I do find I feel better about changing nappies when I’m doing it with red nail varnish on, though 🙂


  3. i’m with you, i never have, never will get excited about Halloween and i shall be hiding behind drawn curtains in a darkened room when the teenage boys arrive in their bin bags 🙂


  4. It’s a very American Holiday. I only started bothering with it once we had kids, in my youth it was a carnival in Cyprus that called for dressing up. But I go with it these days as it gives the half term holiday it always falls on a bit of a topic theme we can do crafts and things around. You sister must work in childcare?!


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