A little thank you note

I don’t often feel like a blogger. In my head that seems to be someone who makes a lot of money from it (I don’t), or has a huge audience (I don’t) or is brave enough to go to conferences and such (I’m not), or chases round the city after their beaming toddler looking totally and impossibly glam (HAHA).

Someone better at life than me, in other words. This is me:

1. I often write here instead of doing the housework, which means there is now dust gathering on the vacuum cleaner and piles of laundry on the floor.

2. On days where the boys don’t nap, I automatically buy in two pints of chocolate ice cream as a reward for getting to 8pm.

3. The best thing that happened to me today was finding out that a whole pot of Brussels pate is only 500 calories, because that means I could technically eat it all on toast and call it a meal.

4. Yesterday evening I talked to Tim for about an hour about the pros and cons of buying a new raincoat, because the one I want is stripy so it seems like a frivolous purchase.

‘What if it’s the wrong kind of stripy?’ I fretted, finger over the ‘Buy Now’ button.Β He rolled his eyes so hard I thought they might pop out.

Anyway, all of this is to say: I was shortlisted as a finalist in the MAD Blog Awards 2014, in the Best Baby Blog category! And I am ecstatic, and genuinely astonished. This little corner of the internet is a tiny fish in a huge parenting bloggers’ pond, and all the other fish are lovely people with beautiful blogs and massive followings. I keep pinching myself that I get to hang out here, even for a little while. You made it happen! Thank you so much for voting, if you did.

And thank you as well for reading what I write when I’m ignoring the laundry. Blogging has put me in touch with so many wonderful people, helped me work out my own thinking and open up to new ideas. I love being here. I hope you love it too. And I hope everything is alright with you.

(I bought the raincoat. Steady on, crazy party weasel.)

If you’d like to vote for me in the final round, I will love you forever. Click on the link below, and find us under Best Baby Blog!

And if you’re new here, you can read some of my favourite posts in the list to the right.Β 



13 thoughts on “A little thank you note

  1. Congratulations my lovely. I know we are in the same category but I wish you the best of luck. I am glad I got to know your blog through the finalist list as least it’s so good. You are a great blogger and we will all have so much fun in Sept together. I am a new blogger so I love getting to know more bloggers and their lovely blogs. From Let’s Talk Mommy in Baby and New Blog Finalist categories.


  2. Just voted πŸ™‚ I love your blog, I found it when I was pregnant and it’s been one of my favourites since. Your post on what to pack in your hospital bag was a lifesaver when I was getting my bag ready!


  3. swhittle says:

    According to your criteria, I’m not sure I’m a blogger, either. (Glam? Ha!)

    But regardless, being a finalist is something to celebrate and we’re so happy you’re part of our awards this year. Congratulations and very best of luck in the voting stages.


    • Thank you so much Sally! Yes, I know – mothers of small children don’t often feel very glam (at least I don’t!) πŸ™‚ It’ll be nice to put some real faces to names in September. Everyone is so lovely online.


  4. mummydaddyme says:

    Congratulations found you via the Mads finalist linky. I am a finalist in Photography and Baby- look forward to meeting you in September. x


    • Thank you – yes, I’m so excited to get this far! Best of luck to you too – and would love to say hello in September. You have an absolutely gorgeous blog! Lovely, lovely photographs. x


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