About Rachel Jeffcoat

My name’s Rachel. Timothy and I met over a game of badly played chess when we were still young enough not to need moisturiser, and once he’d promised never to teach me chess again, we got married in March 2008. I’m a sometime editor and copywriter, and fit it in alongside baby food and finger painting. He does computers, and by golly, he does them very well.

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We spent three years just loving each other’s company, and then boys arrived to make things even better. Henry is the sort of three-year-old who never walks when a sprint and yell will do the job better, and harbours a serious ambition to be a trapeze artist. We adore everything about him, even the stunt jumping. Last summer we added a second tiny Jeffcoat to the mix: Edward (called Teddy) has spent the last year growing dandelion hair and chubby cheeks, learning how to crawl on turbo-charge, and surviving his brother’s enthusiastic attentions. He’s the sort of sweetheart you count yourself lucky to meet.


I write about cooking and the arts; love and marriage; the grit and glory of mothering small, determined people covered in baked beans and worse. I believe in telling true stories, and creating kind spaces to honour yours.

This space is made what it is by you lovely people, so please do comment and find us on social media. We love hearing from you! You can find my email address below and social media buttons by the blog header.

Rachel x

rach.makealongstoryshort (@) gmail.com


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10 thoughts on “About Rachel Jeffcoat

  1. Ronja says:

    Rachel, can I just say, your blogs make my day every single time I read one. They make me laugh, nod in agreement, get excited, and give me a ton of new energy to pick myself up and get going no matter what. THANK YOU! Welcomed Side-effect: It often feels like I am still somewhere in Reading hiding and observing.


  2. reverend61 says:

    I have, this morning, nominated you for a lovely blog award:


    I don’t really do viral self-replicating blog awards but it was nice to be nominated and it gave me the chance to give something back: your blog always makes me laugh and smile in all the right places.

    You thoroughly deserve this, but please, please do not feel you have to accept it! However, if you do, you know what to do next.


  3. Hi Rachel, love spending the day with you all in London, i miss it too. Maybe i should take a short break and go visit. But that is not why i am writing in this obscure section of your blog. I need to know how to put tabs at the top of my blog and how to tag my posts to it. I have tried to do it a number of times unsuccessfully but you seem to have managed it so i have come a asking, please. Bev


  4. Hi Rachel, came across this place when I was browsing through pregnancy blogs. I liked what I read and I’m still reading. Your writing style is really good. It makes me laugh and smile. I’d like to follow the blog and through it your life. Hope its fine. I assure you I’m not a stalker. 🙂
    Love from India


  5. I’ve never followed a blog before, but your words and pictures resonate so strongly with my family life (we also have two small boys). Although I am all for learning about other people’s experiences of the world, sometimes it is lovely to read about someone who seems to be going through the same things as you. Thank you.


    • Oh, what a lovely thing to read! I agree – sometimes it just helps to band together with people that ‘get’ it, because they’re in a similar situation. Two boys is a whirlwind, isn’t it?! Mostly I write this to stay sane – and remember their lovely moments 🙂 Thank you so much for being here!


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