Here’s some encouragement for you

more day till the long weekend. YOU CAN DO IT.

What I did today: jumped around to the 30-Day Shred, then ate two muffins and twenty-seven chocolate fingers for lunch, then caught Henry eating something suspicious from the floor six times in an hour, then got a parking ticket at the doctor’s, then got home to Timothy, ate homemade fish and chips, and made up a new couples’ dance to the Silent Witness theme tune (we rocked it).

What I thought today: how much I miss formal education, what ‘work’ means, where my sense of self comes from, how I can get Henry to eat more vegetables, what might be the best way to inspire teenage girls to feel better and be better, how I really need to vacuum much more often, and how I would’ve given that traffic warden a vicious shin-kicking if I’d caught him writing me a ticket.

I’d like to write something that is worth the writing and worth the reading. But as you can see, it’s a little crowded around here at the moment. Bear with me.


2 thoughts on “Here’s some encouragement for you

  1. reverend61 says:

    When that drifted into my inbox I thought you’d missed out a word. Then I actually looked at the thing and saw the picture. Cute!

    Anyway, I got a parking ticket yesterday, and Emily has promised to give the PCSO a vicious shin-kicking next time she sees him riding round the schoolyard on his bicycle. So I’ll ask her to give him an extra one, on your behalf. I know he’s not the one who issued your ticket, but it will still count.


  2. Oh no, not you too!

    I don’t know why someone would think ‘Parking at the doctor’s, eh? Need some medical attention, eh? WELL CHECK THIS FINE OUT FOR SIZE’.

    But then, traffic wardens don’t have souls.


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